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About Us
BOLI Solutions Group (BSG) has assembled a team of experts with extensive experience in all aspects of the BOLI business and related nonqualified benefit plans. BSG’s managing principal is one of the few people involved in pioneering the BOLI business in the early 1980’s. The combined experience of the BSG team uniquely qualifies us to design and negotiate highly-effective BOLI programs.

Our Services
BSG is dedicated to helping banks maximize the current and future performance of their life insurance assets and related nonqualified benefit programs.  We provide expert analysis, offer creative ideas and design highly effective solutions, all directed at improving Tier 1 Capital and bottom line net earnings. 

BOLItracker™ is a proprietary database that includes detailed information about BOLI for every bank in the country.  The database enables us to create a Custom Peer Group Report containing information about BOLI cash values, purchases, capacity and net interest returns for a particular bank compared with other banks in the same geographical area.  Banks with less than $2 billion in assets and those with more than $2 billion are grouped into separate peer groups.  

Bankers’ ExecuChoice™
Recent accounting changes affecting post-retirement obligations negatively impacted retained earnings and Tier 1 Capital for banks with such programs.  Our proprietary Bankers’ ExecuChoice™ program was developed to help restructure such programs to improve Tier 1 capital and earnings for the bank and at the same time provide much more tax-effective benefits for the participants.


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