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The Bankers’ ExecuChoice™ program provides a means of addressing challenges facing endorsement split dollar plans created by the changing economic and regulatory environment.

  • Many banks have promises to current and former employees to provide Post Retirement Death Benefits through Endorsement Split Dollar Plans.

    • Banks must now record a liability for these plans under EITF 06-04 
    • Participants face escalating economic benefit costs/declining benefits as well as a concern over the security of the benefit  

  • With the Bankers’ ExecuChoice™ program, BOLI Solutions Group (BSG) works with the bank to approach the participant and provide them with alternatives with the following characteristics:

    • Provide the bank with gain to earnings, a reduction in future expense accruals, and elimination of plan administration expenses, and
    • Provide the participant with an enhanced benefit, security, and planning flexibility tailored to their individual needs with no further annual out-of-pocket cost.

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