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BOLI Statistics at a Glance
Statistics at a Glance

BOLI Solutions Group (BSG) maintains a comprehensivedatabase of information about every FDIC-insured financial institution and bank holding company in the U.S. The proprietary BOLItracker™ database reveals the following information as of June 30, 2013:

Total number of institutions*:   6,421
Total employees (full-time equivalent):                     2.5  million
Aggregate BOLI cash values**:   $158.2 billion
Aggregate Remaining Regulatory BOLI capacity:   $240.5 billion 

* multi-bank holding companies considered to be single institutions
**includes $17.8 billion of BOLI held by parent holding companies

The BOLItracker™ also reveals the following information about new BOLI purchases and net interest returns.

                              Aggregate BOLI Purchases*** ($ millions)
Asset Size
less than $2 billion   $643   $803   $1,468
$2 billion or more   $1,811   $997   $2,937

*** does not include exchanges of BOLI from one product or insurance company to another

                               BOLI Average Net Interest Returns****
Asset Size
less than $2 billion   3.74%   3.55%   3.36%
$2 billion or more   4.46%   3.35%   3.13%

****based on a thorough analysis of reported cash values, noninterest income and purchases from more than 2,900 banks owning $1 million or more of BOLI. Does not include death proceeds.


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