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About Us

BOLI Solutions Group (BSG) has assembled a team of experts with extensive experience in the design, pricing, sale and administration of BOLI products and related nonqualified benefit programs. We have more than 200 years of combined experience that allows us to design and negotiate both new and existing BOLI programs and benefit plans to help banks manage Tier 1 capital and maximize the performance of their BOLI assets.

Full, complete and accurate information along with unbiased advice allows banks to make more effective decisions regarding the purchase and management of their life insurance assets. BSG is committed to providing our clients information and advice to improve the performance and maximize the value of those assets.

The BSG Difference:
  • Proprietary database with information regarding industry trends and the specific performance of life insurance assets held by your competitors, and

  • Independent advice from industry insiders which includes creative ideas and unique, customized solutions for improving asset performance not available from other sources.

The knowledge, experience, expertise, and creative ideas of our representatives are unique and unparalleled by any other firm in the country. We welcome the opportunity to do business with you and are certain that you will not be disappointed.


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