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BOLI tracker

BOLItracker™ is a proprietary database of information developed, owned and maintained by COLI Consulting Group LLC (CCG) and BOLI Solutions Group (BSG). The primary sources of data are the Call and Thrift Financial Reports filed quarterly with the FDIC, supplemented with annual reports, SEC filings and information obtained directly from banks, insurance carriers and vendors. Confidential information obtained from non-public sources is used to prepare summary-level reports only and is not disclosed in detailed-level reports.

Custom Peer Group Reports are currently offered to banks free-of-charge. These reports compare purchases, holdings, annual returns and other relevant information between a target bank and a pre-determined peer group including banks and/or bank holding companies in the same geographical area and of comparable asset size.  

Detailed Reports are also available for a fee. The BOLItracker™ database includes comprehensive information about every bank in the country including contact information, BOLI holdings, BOLI capacity, BOLI purchases and net interest returns.   


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