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BOLI tracker

BOLItracker™ is a proprietary database that includes detailed information about BOLI holdings, purchases, net interest returns and capacity for every bank in the country. Information is gathered and stored quarterly from a variety of sources including FDIC Call and Thrift Financial Reports, Federal Reserve filings for bank holding companies, SEC filings, Annual Reports and other available public sources, and then carefully reconciled and analyzed.

BOLI Cash Values stored in our database typically reflect the highest reported BOLI cash values from all available public sources. Note that many bank holding companies hold BOLI both at their FDIC-insured banks and thrifts and at the parent company.  

BOLI Net Interest Returns are determined for each bank using a proprietary analytical process which extracts the returns from available data adjusted for death benefits, mergers and acquisitions, surrenders, and new purchases. In the rare instance where such returns are not determinable they are excluded from interest rate averages. No other BOLI information source exists for comparative net interest return data with this level of detail.   

BOLI Purchases
can be readily determined from the BOLItracker™ database for virtually all banks. BOLI purchase information included in Custom Peer Group Reports does not include purchases resulting from a Section 1035 exchange of existing insurance assets.


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