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BOLI Solutions Group (BSG) offers a full array of services related to the purchase and ongoing management of BOLI products and related benefit programs. All of our strategies and services are designed to satisfy the regulatory requirements imposed on banks and to provide information to the management and Boards of Directors of the banks necessary to make fully-informed decisions. Our many services include the following:

BOLI-Related Strategies to Improve Tier 1 Capital
BSG has developed several strategies intended to improve Tier 1 capital and corresponding risk-adjusted capital ratios. Depending on facts and circumstances, these strategies may involve a renegotiation process with incumbent insurance companies, a restructuring of BOLI portfolios, a “sale” of some or all of an existing BOLI portfolio or a restructuring of existing post-retirement benefit obligations utilizing our proprietary Bankers’ ExecuChoice™ program. 

BOLI Strategies to Improve Earnings
BOLI net interest rates available on new purchases continue to offer very attractive net after-tax returns compared to comparable assets with similar risk characteristics. In addition, banks may have the opportunity to restructure existing BOLI assets with an immediate accretion to earnings. BSG has the understanding, knowledge, creativity and relationships to help banks purchase new BOLI or restructure existing BOLI programs to maximize performance.  

BOLI Product and Related Benefit Plan Administration
BSG partners with The Pangburn Companies (TPC) to offer a full array of product and benefit plan administration services to our bank clients. TPC offers outstanding benefit plan administration services at a very affordable cost structure.

Custom Peer Group Reports
Through our proprietary BOLItracker™ database, BSG offers complementary Custom Peer Group Reports to banks. Please click here to request a complementary report or here to see a sample report.


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